Hi, I’m Liz

I wake up at 2 AM. Every morning, Monday through Friday. My husband wakes up at 1:30 AM, too. I’m tired. Totally exhausted. Why are we up so early and missing out on precious sleep? For work, like millions of other people with irregular job demands. And we are grateful for our awesome lives, and these interesting jobs.

But let’s be honest: I know whatever time you wake up, you’re tired too. You’ve got a job, or kids, or pets that don’t sleep in past 5 AM, or all of the above. In this crazy world we live in, we wear “I’m busy” like a badge of honor. We are all running on fumes, as we navigate through the world trying to live our best lives.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have time for intricate Pinterest baking projects, only to have them end in a soft pile of cream cheese.  That’s why I’m starting this lifestyle blog. I’m on a quest to live my best life, learn more, share more and reclaim some of my short time on earth for what truly matters: family, friends and fun, while finding the joy in keeping things simple and fabulous.


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