I’m Liz Dueweke, and you aren’t.

Here it is. LizDueweke.com. I know you’ve all been waiting with bated breath.


Now you can relax. The wait is over!





One thought on “I’m Liz Dueweke, and you aren’t.

  1. Great read! I had sleep issues and I ended up trying meditation and counting backwards in bed, both worked. I would start at 100 and count back. As for the allergies, I hope your doctor’s finding the source, for me the allergy issue was gluten, aches and joint pains then blisters all over my body, especially arms and hands and the blisters would itch, I couldn’t stop myself from scratching, the bad part is, I love gluten, I do try to behaved. I use to get welts on my face and neck from horrible stress in my life, back in the 90’s, vitamin B helped, what truly helped was getting rid of the source of the stress 😊


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